Tuesday, 22 January 2013

'Dear 14 Year Old Me' - Taken from Kerralina

Dear 14 year old me,

  Stop saying "back off". No, it doesn't make you sound cool and mature - it makes you look like an idiot

  Maybe make an effort with your eyebrows..at least so you can define them as plural and not singular..

  Not having a boyfriend really won't make you any less 'cool'

  Lying about having said boyfriend just makes you seem desperate, and although you are, it's probably best not to broadcast it.

  Don't dye your hair with red Kool-Aid. It doesn't dye your hair as much as it does your skin.

  Your mum isn't quite as embarrassing or mean as you think she is. You will actually be extremely thankful    for her in a short while

  Go to school everyday! It's so much worse when you don't go!

  Try not to compare yourself with your friends. They're the way they are for a reason, and you are the way you are for something equally as special.

  Keep in touch with the friends you have now. You'll regret not having them in your life.

  You aren't as old as you think you are.

  Life gets so much better than it is right now. Just hold on a little longer and everything will get better.

                                    What do you wish someone would have told you when you were 14?

Please go and check out Kerralina's blog! It wonderfully glorious and I know that you'll love her as much as I do! X


Sunday, 6 January 2013

2013 Wish List

Happy New Year Everyone!

I thought that I would just put a quick post up, seeing as how I haven't posted anything this year. It's just going to be a quickie but sometimes you just need a brief read ;)

I think that I'm going to make a mini series out of it, and do a make up wishlist and hair wishlist (let me know what you think in the comments)

Blue Long Sleeve Contrast Cape Pocket Denim Blouse - I absolutely love this blouse! It has a mix of wonderfully whimsical and obscenely preppy. The denim is such a gorgeous wash, it's just such an easy shade to mix and match with! It doesn't hurt that it looks so soft and snuggly!

Jeffrey Campbell Leather Lita Boots - I have been lusting after these boots for years! They are seriously just amazing and easy to pair with pretty much anything. I'll hopefully have enough money one day to be able to splash out on these bad boys!...a girl can dream...

Emily D Vegan Leather Leggings - These are such a good knock off of real leather. I think that faux leggings are such a good idea to have in every wardrobe - they are so so easy to pair with a blouse or vest and blazer. I love these ones as they wont break the bank and they're vegan! Yeassss!

butter London Bossy Boots - Gorgeous color. Gorgeous nail polish.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote - This is the same story as the Jeffrey Campbell. I've wanted a Michael Kors bag for ages and this one just fits me perfectly. It's large enough for all my junk but is still stylish and very well constructed. It's just a timeless piece and I am so in love with it. Just need to get money now...

So there you have it, my 2013 wish list. I hope that this wasn't too boring and you haven't fallen asleep on your keyboard.

I'd love to hear what you all are salivating over so far this year down below! XX


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