Thursday, 18 September 2014

Review || First Aid Beauty's Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay

I know that it has been a terribly long while since my last review, which is why the next few posts are going to be ALL reviews. I know how much you beauty sickos love them!

I got this face mask about a month or two ago and have been using it about once a week depending on how my skin is. I have noticed that it has significantly reduced the size of my pores, and believe me, they were big enough to engulf a small dog. My skin is the least oily that it's been for ages- which was my main reason for choosing this mask specifically. If you have sensitive skin, like me, you can safely purchase this as it is suitable for us fragile dames. All in all this was a stupendous buy if I do say so myself. 

The application of this red beauty is a very sticky affair, but make sure you are doing it over clean dry skin. It is a little bit difficult to spread over your skin at first, but the more you spread the warmer and easier it gets. You don't need it to be overly thick but make sure that your skin is covered. Even if it's a very thin layer you will be able to easily peel it off. It, like many other skin care products, can hurt my eyes so I make sure to be careful around this area. Other than that, just smooth it all over and you're set. 

You will have to wait at least 20 minutes for this to dry but once it is just peel from the outside inwards. This is as satisfying as taking your hair down from a murderously high ponytail after a long day. For real. 
I have found this has been the easiest to peel off of all the peel masks that I have tried. If you do have any bits left over that you can't get off yourself, just dab it off with a warm face cloth. 
I like to follow this with Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief.


I would love to say that once you peel the mask off you will see a dramatic difference but I couldn't lie to you. The truth is that you will notice the changes the next day when you're putting your makeup on, or during the day if you have oily skin. When sitting in front of your mirror in the morning you will notice that your pores have almost halved in size and throughout the day you won't have to blot or add as much powder as you would in the days prior. The longer you use this baby the less you will have to do that.  

The price of this mask falls at about the midway mark as high end products go. I handed over $37.00 to the nice lady at Sephora. A little painful but after the first use I got over it. It's always hard to spend any amount of money, small or large, if you can't see or feel the results. Pretty much right away I noticed that I wasn't producing as much oil as I normally would have, and my make up didn't sink into the craters around my nose. Obviously I can't guarantee that this will be the same for you as everyone is different, but I would definitely recommend you trying it to see if it can help you as it has done for me. 

I would love to hear about some of your favourite face masks! X

Sunday, 7 September 2014


I think it's safe to say that the majority of us are all here because we like make up, hair, glitter and glam. It's like a drug to us. Watching beauty gurus share how they do their make up, what they're using to create 'the look' that gives us an endlessly full feeling of contentment. This feeling lasts up until we go into our bedroom, sit in front of our mirror and look into our make up bag that's overflowing with products that you were completely satisfied with until you saw that video. You try your hardest to recreate what they so effortlessly ensemble on their pore less faces. You come close but no cigar. We've all been there, right ladies? 

The time has come where we can all share these make up blunders or even some of the surprising wins. Makeupsocial is a new app where you can do all of this and more. Interact with fellow make up lovers, whether they're professional make up artists or amateurs like myself, ask questions about certain products or even post and read reviews. It's essentially Instagram but solely focused on makeup, skincare, hair and anything else beauty related you can think of. It's safe to say that I am firmly addicted to this app that is full of other obsessed beauty fanatics. 

Makeupsocial is honesty the most welcoming and helpful form of social media that I have used so far. Every time I read comments on my own or other peoples posts, there is anyways a dozen or so telling the dame how utterly gorgeous she looks. Being on this app restores my belief that women are caring and gentle creatures. I haven't come across anyone who is anything less than remarkable. If you've been having a down day, I am telling you, download this free app and post a selfie. You will come back in ten minutes to a handful of pep talks from truly amazing ladies. 

So go sit in front of your mirror, recreate the new Tanya Burr tutorial and post that bad boy on makeupsocial. Let everyone send you kissing cat emoji's and tell you how utterly fabulous you are. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you will also meet some spectacular people while you''re at it!

Go add this free app from the app store and follow me! I'm under the handle @10downingchic, who da thunk! X

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Holly Hagan || The Fashion Bible *

Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan celebrates her birthday by channeling her in Kylie. With just days before the hit record breaking MTV show returns on July 22nd for series eight, 22 year old Holly has posed for her fashion collection, Summer Holiday Additions. In an apparent homage to the 13 year old smash hit 'Can’t Get You Out Of My Head', the Middlesbrough lass strikes a pose reminiscent of the famous Kylie Minogue track, which topped the UK charts for a whole month. 

Showing her curves in all the right places, Holly’s figure is unrecognizable from the “baby elephant” that entered Geordie Shore series 1, just 2 years ago. Holly added: “I struggle looking at old pictures of myself, I used to think I looked great on a night out with my 5 pairs of eyelashes, skimpy PVC skirt and 1 leather glove, but in reality, I looked like a baby elephant!” “My look this series will shock a lot of people. I’ve ditched the rainbow coloured hair, for some more natural brown tones, and I’ve been working overtime in the gym, as well as getting help with my diet. 

"With I really needed to make a Summer wardrobe that fitted real girls, after all I have to model it, and there’s no way I’d fit into clothes which didn’t allow for a womanly shape. My Mam jokes that I’ve the perfect child baring body, but that doesn’t help trying to fit into some of the stupidly tight clothes on the high street. “The range has sizes from 6 to 26 in selected items, and prices start from £8.99 so there is something for everyone. “This Summer, for the first time since I was a child, I think I’ll be able to enjoy myself on the beach and not be totally embarrassed about my figure, and that feels good.”

Watch Geordie Shore on MTV every Tuesday night at 10 PM

Saturday, 5 July 2014

What Do I Order?

Being the baby of my family, I have always felt that it was my duty to be a snoop. I would spy for my mother to make sure that my siblings weren't doing anything they shouldn't. To my sisters and brothers dismay, I took this task very seriously. In other words, I was extremely annoying. 

If any of you were like this when you were younger, you will be incredibly excited for this post. You get to read about all my fatty favourites. So obviously I am healthy 98% of the time. Obviously. But for the other 2% here is what I order.

It really depends on the weather and what I am feeling at the time but my top 3 go to Starbucks drinks   are definitely...

Decaf Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato with Light Ice
This is a most delicious combination of vanilla syrup, espresso and caramel drizzle. I always ask for light ice because otherwise you'll be paying 5 dollars for half a cup of ice and a bit of coffee. 

Decaf Grande Cinnamon Dolce
More of a fall drink but you won't need any dessert if you drink this delight. Also they put whip cream on it to start with so I don't feel like an idiot by asking for it. 

Venti Passion Tea Lemonade with Light Ice
Again with the light ice but really you'll want to get every bit of this refreshing pinkness you can. I'm not a big fruit tea fan, but this is sweet with only a bit of the tart that you normally get with fruit tea. Trust me - order it.

If i'm feeling particularly naughty I'll get either a cheese croissant or their white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. Delicious!

Veggie Burger
All of Fatburger's food is very fresh, but there's just something so amazing about biting into a veggie burger and actually seeing veggies. Normally it's just a puree of questionable ingredients but you can actually see the corn!

To my veggie burger I have onion, lettuce and mayo. Boring that may be, but you don't need any other additions to this love.

If you're severely opposed to a veggie burger, their Crispy Chicken Sandwich is one of the best i've had. I only add mayo and lettuce to this.

I will always have fries and a lemonade with whatever I order.

I don't know how many of you are Canadians but I had to include my mother ship - Tim Hortons.

X-Large Half French Vanilla Half Regular Coffee
Sadly I find Timmies French Vanilla incredibly sweet, too sweet really. So I get half regular coffee and it is perfection!

Chocolate Chip Muffin
Moist, chocolatey, and with a sugar crunch on top! I get this muffin whenever it's my cheat day.

Honey Cruller Doughnut
My favourite doughnut by a million miles. I know that a lot of people don't agree with me, but those people ain't no friend of mine. 

So this really depends on what they are serving when I go, but this is what I would get if everything went as it does in my frozen yogurt dreams. 

Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt with Cheesecake Bites, Grapefruit Pieces, Yogurt Chips and a Waffle Cookie. Sure it may sound weird but don't judge a book by it's pink hipster cover. 

There you have it - my list of amazingly healthy fast food options!
 I would love to hear what you order at your favourite junk joints.  X

Sunday, 30 March 2014


So like most of us I watch YouTube, definitely more than I should and definitely when I shouldn't. I work in a reception job where I am literally by myself all day waiting for the phone to ring, so I have a lot of time on my uncalloused hands. I use this time to catch up on the videos of some of my favorites and find some undiscovered favorites. YouTube, as you all know, is a community of people sharing their opinions, art and lives through video. What do you do in a community? Share the things you are loving with your neighbors...except that crazy guy next door who always has his curtains closed and only comes out at night - he could be a werewolf, it's best to steer clear. Anywho, here are a few YouTubers that I've been getting paid to watch this week.

Mackenzie Johnson is truly one of the most talented people I have seen- ever. She does killer covers of pop favorites. However, she also does her own original songs with some of the most truthful lyrics this girl has heard in awhile. If you can't tell already I love her. In a completely platonic sort of way. Don't get weird. 
My favorite cover that she does is TLC's No Scrub. I can literally watch that 15 times and not get tired of it. I urge you to take 5 minutes of your time to go check that out, but if you do make sure you either have my job or a spare hour as you will get caught up in her quirky flawless voice.
Just let it happen. 

Mamrie Hart is funny. That's really all you have to know about her, but since this is a blog and blogs are made up of words I shall continue. She is so endearingly bizarre that you can't help but wish you were best friends. She makes puns of the highest of calibers which is exceedingly difficult as puns are not known to be of such a class.Let her lead you into oblivion with her well thought out assortment of celebrity related alcoholic beverages.
Although I will say, she does swear and drink like a champ so be cautious. Big sister talk done.

So Charlie is definitely not a new favorite but he is a favorite nevertheless. Like many others, he was one of the first people that I saw on YouTube, and what a great way to start hey? Not many people could say that they painted themselves purple or drank a bottle of Ketchup and still managed to make them high quality.  But if you watch this guy's videos you'll see that that's what you will always get. Regardless of subject matter he won't post something that he isn't happy with, which, I must say, is definitely something to be admired in a community as self deprecating as this. Although there are some sillier videos, as mentioned above, he also puts up some amazing thought provoking content as well. If you haven't already watched it please go and watch his most recent video on consent. It's for everyone and their pet.
 I know there are tons of 'fangirls' who swoon over Charlie, and I admit I have been known to swoon on occasion, but he puts out some of the most thought out videos on the interwebs to date.....That wasn't too swoony was it? Just watch, you'll see.

These are the Sorted boys and by golly you will be happy that I've added them to this list. They make food and they're English. I have sold you already, haven't I? They're just cheeky chaps who are best friends and make really amazing easy dishes. Ben, Barry, Mike and Jamie make up the gang and just like the Spice Girls, everyone has their secret favorite. 
It's because of them that I have found out that I make a mean loaf of foccacia. Thanks guys!

So have you found some new favorites or have I wasted your time? Who are you loving watching this month? Also, is there let me know if there is a less creepy way of saying that.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Review || Origins Drink Up Face Mask

I've had this face mask for a couple months so far but really wanted to give it a fair go before I told you my opinion on it. I had seen and heard about Origins from other blogger for ages and ages before I succumbed and went to Sephora. To be honest this is probably one of the first skin care products that I've bought without doing my research, which is probably why it won't be being repurchasing this again (but we'll come to that in a bit). My skin is extremely sensitive to new products so I always make sure that I check blog posts, video reviews, magazine ratings, ect before I buy anything, especially if i'm going to be spending a pretty penny on it. You live and learn and I feel I have had my fair share of teachings..cue sad montage of pimply teenage Becca. 

I'm a huge believer that when it comes to skin care it is definitely worth parting a good $30 or $40 dollars, especially if it means that your going to get the results you need -want. Although I know that there are some crazy low budget miracle workers out there as well. This is why when you do hype yourself up to just go for it, to purchase that clean velvety bottle of needless necessity and it doesn't turn out, I turn into a very grumpy camper. 

Now, finally onto why this $28.00 tube of citrusy doom just wasn't my cup of tea. Although I do love the aroma of it, and really wish I could get a shampoo in the apricoty concoction, this mask has just done absolutely nothing in helping my skin fight against the cold dry Canadian winters. However, to be fair it hasn't done anything to hinder it either. It has a great thick consistency however when you put it on it doesn't sink into your skin, rather it sits on top and mocks you for falling for the simplistic charm of it's packaging. Why do I always think that if something is beautiful that it's gonna treat me right. Two words. Daddy Issues. 

I don't know it was just me who felt that it coated my skin without giving any hydration, but I've since looked at some reviews and have come to a conclusion. It's pretty much just me. I don't know why but no matter what I do I can't seem to make this mask work for me. I've tried leaving it on for the 10 minutes it says, I've tried 30 minutes, going to bed with it on and washing it off in the morning, I've used it as a moisturizer. Nothing has worked and each time I use it I like it less and less. Although it does say that it's the fountain of youth so maybe I'm already 
just so youthful that it doesn't have anything to work on. Probably not though. 

So since this mask hasn't all.. I am in the marked for a new moisturizing mask that will actually do something, anything at all, just something. I would love to hear your suggestions so please let me know in the comments!
Talk soon X

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Welcome to the Family!

I don't know if you guys know this about me, but I am severely addicted to animals. If I see a dog on the street I simply must pet it, if there's a cat wandering the back alleys I will check it's collar and bring it home, if there's a snake on the grass I...well I'd probably just leave it there - no one likes snakes.

With this love of animals comes the daily checks to the animals available at the animal shelter, and the never ending begs of 'I have to have that dog! We are meant to be'! However, since I am moving in a few months I figured that getting an animal though new and exciting would also be incredibly cruel and selfish as I would have to pawn it off to a friend who most likely would give it back to the shelter. This was an obvious no go for me. Obviously.

 So, as you can see although I didn't pick up anything furry, I did get something living. Succulents! Who knew they came in pink?! 
And before you mention anything I am very aware that this is an insanely boring monotonous post, but I simply had to share my new pals with all my lovely internet buds! 

Sure I don't know much if anything about plants, much less succulents but on the little paper tab thing that all plants come with, it only said that I had to water them once a month. Even I can do that. This way when I do leave, and if these aren't dead, all my mum will have to do is water them and open my curtains. Easy Peasy! 

Also, can we please take a moment and appreciate of amazing these photos turned out?! 

I haven't named any of my new family members - A because they're plants and B because A. If you were to give them identifiers what would you call them?


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