Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Winterliscious Tag - Tagged by Sprinkle of Glitter (kinda...)

     Christmas! It's Here! It's Finally Here!

So I just watched Louise form Sprinkle of Glitter's latest video (link below), and decided to take a page from her wonderfully quirky brain. It's the Winterliscious tag and everyone's doing it!

 Favorite Winter Nail Polish? I'm loving Essie's 'Beyond Cozy' nail varnish right now

 Favorite Winter lip product? This Autumn/Winter i've been wearing Revlon's 'Wine Not' lip stick - it's lush!

 Most worn Winter clothing piece? A black TNA  canvas bomber jacket's my sister's - shhh

 Most worn Winter accessory? My blue and white bobble beanie

 Favorite winter scent/candle? Woodwick crackling candle in Vanilla Bean, it's soo delicious

 Favorite Winter beverage? Chai Latte from Starbucks or a White Hot Chocolate

 All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie? Santa Clause - only the first one! don't even get me started on 2&3!

 Favorite Christmas/Holiday song? Baby, it's cold outside - She&Him's version

 Favorite Holiday food/treat? Red and Green Rice Crispy squares..yummies in Becca's tummy!

 What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year?Anything deer related - I just LOVE deer :)

 What's at the top of your Christmas list? World Peace...that's the best answer right?
 What are your plans for the holidays this year? We go to church on Christmas Eve, open presents      Christmas morning and then in the evening go over to our cousins for dinner. On boxing day everyone comes over to ours for appetizers and games. Fun Times!

                                                I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! X

                                                         Bobble hat from the mens section in SuperStore
Sprinkle Of Glitter's video:

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

DIY Bow Ornaments

So, I recently went shopping with my mum for some new Christmas goodies! I walked into Michael
's full of all the naivety in the world, and walked out with the realization that Christmas definitely isn't free. Since when do ornaments cost $21.00!!! All I wanted was to make my home a winter wonderland but no, its not that simple. Being me, the wonderful daughter that I am, I didn't want my mum to spend her money on, and I cant believe im saying this, frivolities. So I found myself sulking down aisles, eyeing anything that was sparkly or oozing Christmas essence. Resigned that I was going home without anything, I found this gorgeous wired ribbon in a rose gold (I know you cant really tell in the photos) for only $3.00 (60% off!!),and the thought struck me, try to create your own ornaments.

I often get sudden bursts of inspiration, and normally its wanting to learn to play the piano or become the next Da vinci,
but for me to actually buy that ribbon and then come home to start the project, lets just say that it doesn't often happen. I must tell you, I am not the most crafty person, and anything that I try to create or embellish, will almost always find itself in the trash. So when the 'ornaments' weren't looking like a toddlers masterpiece, I knew that I had to document this monumental occasion.

Here's my 'How To' bow ornament recipe:

    1 roll of your favorite ribbon - preferably with wired edge

     A good few ornament hangers

-Cut so the ribbon is about 16' in length
-Fold in the center of the ribbon
-Make 2 loops to the right and left of the center
-Tie together like you would any other bow
        You will need to play with the lengths
        of each loop for it to tie properly
- Cut a diagonal line to create the 'V' look on the ends
-Slide a ornament hanger through the back belt loop,      if you will
-Tie the ornament to the tree and adjust the bow to your liking

There you have it, an easy affordable tree ornament. I hope that this was useful to all you kind folks, and maybe it has given you a few ideas of your own. X

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

This Christmas...

Christmas Movies


             The Grinch

             Santa Clause

             Narnia: The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

             Love Actually

 Christmas Playlist

            Michael BublĂ©             Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

           Taylor Swift                Christmases When You Were Mine

           She&Him                      Baby, It`s Cold Outside

           Faith Hill                       Where Are You Christmas

           Mariah Carey              All I Want For Christmas

  Christmas Goodies

             Chai Eggnog Latte  

             Chocolate Crepe Cookies

             Red&Green Rice Crispy Squares 

             Sugar Cookies  in christmasy shapes

             After Eights

  Christmas Traditions

            Open Siblings Presents on Christmas Eve

            Go Down Candy Cane Lane 

            Go To Our Cousins For Christmas Dinner

            Host A Family Gathering On Boxing Day

            Go To The Christmas Eve Service At Our Church 

                                                                          I Know Its A Bit Early But....
                                                                         Merry Christmas Everyone! X  

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Its All About Me Tag - Stolen from The Diary Of A Petite Girl

Here's A Random Picture Of My Cat To Get Us All In The Mood..

Ooohh yeah!!

The Basics:


Nicknames: The usual Becca, Becky, Bex..and the not so usual Rooshkin (do not ask me why, I have no idea)

Birthday: June 14,1994

Place of Birth: Canada...Brrrrrr

Current Residence: Somewhere in Canada...I will be in London at some point in my life I hope!

Star Sign: Gemini

Occupation: None :(


Hair colour: If you look really close you might say it was red, but unfortunately from a normal distance you'd see it was plain old brown.

Hair length: For the last 2 years its me about half way down my back, but back in July I made the foolish decision to cut it to right above my shoulders.

Eye colour: Brown

Best feature: I think I have alright legs...

Height: 5'4

Braces: I don't have them, but I definitely should! I unfortunately inherited 'British' teeth (sorry about the stereotype) from my parents and have an underbite and vampire teeth. Bad times! :(

Piercings: I have my ears and my belly button pierced. I had my nose pierced as well, but the stud made my nose look like a tree..

Tattoos: Not yet, but hopefully soon. I want to get a black circle with God written in the middle of it.

Righty of Lefty:


Best friend:
She was a girl named Kayla.. Long story short, we dont speak anymore

Award: I think it was for scripture memory

Sport: Other than shopping?.

Real Holiday: I recently went to Seattle with my sisters to see Ed Sheeran (got to meet him and it was amazing!), James Morrison and Snow Patrol.

Concert: Hilary Duff

Love: My hamster- Hamish!


The cliched favorite A Walk To Remember

TV Show: TOO MANY!!! New Girl, Big Bang, How I Met Your Mother, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, X factor, and my guilty pleasure Im a Celebrity

Colour: Deep Purple

Song: I dont really have a specific song but I like all of Ed Sheeran`s, Mcfly, and Birdy

Restaurant: Olive Garden. mmmm breadsticks!

Store: Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters

Book: Oddly it`s The Diary of Anne Frank

Magazine: Absolutely Glamour. The UK version not US

Shoes: That I own , my leather boots.
My dream shoes are without a doubt Jeffrey Campbell Lita Booties!!


Feeling: Christmasy! Im baking cookies!

Single or Taken: Single

Eating: cookies.....

Listening to: Michael Buble Christmas Album

Thinking about:

Watching: Christmas!!!

Wearing:Wet look leggings and a slouchy sweater (both from American Apparel) and a bobble hat


Want Children:
Yes! Gorgeous Georgiana

Want to be married: Absolutely! Come on Mr.Right!

Careers in mind: Editorial Stylist and journalist

Where do you want to live: Definitely London!

Have you ever:

Kissed a Stranger:
No...Havent even kissed someone I know : (

Smoked: Never

Ran Away From Home: For about 2 minutes when I was 6

Broken a Bone: My wrist

Broken Someone's Heart: Hopefully not :(

Broke up With Someone: No

Cried At School: Most likely..

Do you believe in:
Love at first sight: No

Ghosts: Not too sure

Aliens: Again im not sure, but I find it hard to believe that we are the only things in the whole universe.

Soul Mates: Yes

Kissing on the first date: Why not..

Yourself: Depends

                                  Hopefully this was at least a little interesting! X

Monday, 19 November 2012

Winter is Upon Us!

      I’m not sure where you all live but here in Canada with winter comes snow, and with snow comes amazing outerwear! Now, normally in cold weather all you want to do it put a large puffy jacket on and some Ugg boots and sulk out into the dark shadow filled world. However, why not change things up this winter and let your style shine. Ditch the marshmallow cover ups and chunky boots, and put on a vamped up red riding hood coat, or a trench lined with (faux) fur in a stand out color and rock out into the powdery streets.

     Why not leave the SADS in the past and fill your mind and wardrobe with an amazing selection of burgundies, pearls, and maybe even a hot pink. Take a risk and wear something that might be a little outside of your comfort zone, because I can guarantee that if you do, you will get people asking where you got that gorgeous sweater, or your heavy knit eternity scarf. You never know, you just might start a new trend!

     So leave the blacks and greys at the back of your wardrobe and put on that item that you bought on a whim, but have never worn. Just trust me! It may be the greatest decision you will make this coming season.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Jumped Out Of My Rut!

     So I was a little naughty and went on another haul, but this time it was makeup!...and boring necessities. I've been watching a lot of Youtube videos or 'Vlogs' if you will. Specifically Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter and Fleur De Force!( if you haven't seen them, what have you been doing?) Anyway, they've inspired me to go out and buy some new makeup. I always stick with what I know and what works for my skin, so it's fair to say that I have been in a rut regarding my makeup products and even the application. I think the last time that I bought something new, and not just a repurchase of a favorite, was in April when I went to Seattle with my sisters. I bought my first E.L.F product! A neutral eyeshadow palette for $5.00, and since then I haven't bought anything new or exciting. I thought that if i'm going to be doing this whole makeup/ fashion blog thing, I'm going to do it right!

    First I'll do the boring bits and then get into the more exciting ones. So I ran out of deodorant, as you do, and had to buy a new one.The one I was using before was just a cheap drugstore brand one, and although I don't really expect much from a deodorant it really truly was completely and utterly useless! Unless of course you like the look of white marks all over your clothes. So I thought I would actually spend money on one ( I know it's only 3 dollars, but thats still, in my mind, a lot for a deodorant) I ended up getting a Dove one with the promise that I would be able to 'Go Sleevless in five days' ! It has a very clean crisp scent, almost like fabric softener but strangely less fake. Then I bought some St.Ives cleansing cloths, now I normally don't buy these types of things because I find them a waste of money, but I've become increasingly lazy about taking my makeup off at night. My thought process was that if I had these and I didnt want to do the whole messy process of taking my makeup off with a cleanser and water, which gets everywhere!, I would still be able to have a clear face. I've only used one sheet and at first I was severely underwhelmed because the sheets, I think, are pretty small and they don't have a lot of liquid/cleanser on them. After though I looked at my face and it actually did a decent job of removing any makeup off of my face, and I was wearing waterproof eyeliner and mascara so even though i've only used 1 sheet I am pretty impressed with this product. You get 32 sheets for $7.00 from Walmart.

    Now after all that rambling I'll do the more exciting stuff! After the many reviews from the wonderful Sprinkle of Glitter on the amazing Revlon Lip Butters, I finally caved in and bought one. When  I went they didn`t really have that many in stock so I ended up getting one called `Sugar Frosting`. I have tried it quite a few times and I see why so many people rave about it, however I almost instantly regretted buying it solely based on the color. It really is like sugar frosting, when its on your lips it looks as though you've been eating half a dozen glazed doughnuts. Although delicious it`s not a very good look to have on your lips, but I think that it would be better if you put a color underneath it, and use it as a shimmer top coat. Don`t get me wrong, I do like this product I just wish I could exchange it for another shade.

    Next I got my favorite and best buy, the Loreal Paris Color Infallible creme powder eyeshadow, in shade 021 Sahara Treasure. I absolutely ADORE this product! It`s a nice deep gold with small black flecks throughout, a definite must have for this holiday season. I have had this on from 11 am and it`s now 6:06 pm and it still looks like I just applied it. When I tried to apply it with my eyeshadow brush it didnt go on very smoothly, but when I tried it with my finger it was incredible! and super pigmented! I do think that this was made to be applied with your finger, so just make sure that your hands are clean before you apply to avoid the spread of bacteria. I can't say enough about how amazing this product is; it glides on, it blends well, so far it has stayed on longer than any of my high end ones, and it`s just a great shade with a strong pigment. This bad boy cost me $8.87.

    So all in all i`m happy that I climbed my way out of the rut I`ve been in, and tried something new. I encourage you all to watch some beauty reviews on Youtube to get some ideas on what you like and what works for you. Who knows, maybe it will turn into a makeup staple for you! X

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Who knew! X

     Hello Lovies! So I did a tiny Forever 21 haul today - tiny being the operative word. You see folks, I used to live in Forever 21 from the age 12 probably up until I was 15. It had everything, cuteness, incredibly affordable and its large area served as a superb hide and seek arena. Then I grew up and started shopping at stores like Zara, Urban Outfitters and H&M because I learnt about quality of clothes. I became the poster child for the phrase "quality over quantity" I never bought anything before I thought about how long the piece would last me or how many outfits I could pair it with....kinda sad right? I that before today I hadn't even stepped into a Forever 21 store in about 2 years, but from today on it will be a nice little addition to my 'go to' store collection.

     Although some of the items in the store are just as poor quaity as they used to be ( sad but true), I would say that the majority of it has been raised to a level of acceptable qualitiness that is equalized by the prices of the items. I know that saying that probably doesn't sound very good or seems that I'm putting them down, but I'm not. For what you get and the price you spend I would say that it is very good value. However, saying that I wouldn't go and by a winter jacket from here or shoes that I want to last me because honestly it just won't work.  They will break and you'll be cold and then you will just be upset. Sad times. For items like these definitely go to a store and spend a little bit more to get the quality you want. I've been rambling - back on topic!

    Forever 21 has great pieces that mix and match into your wardrobe and won't set you back $50 for a plain blouse. It has AMAZINGLY affordable accessories that are pretty darn cute ( although the earrings could do with going on a diet), and pieces like tank tops and plain tube skirts can be found for well below the ten dollar mark. So really who cares whether it lasts you a lifetime because you can easily just go out with your change purse and buy another. So finally onto my tiny miniscule haul!..and if you've lasted this long you deserve a nap!

   So firstly I bought a super adorable pair of little black mustaches. I saw them at the check out counter and just loved them! Don't you find that some of your best purchases are the spur of the moment ones, or is that just me? Not only were they incredibly cute and a must have, but they were only $1.50. No explanation for how stoked I was. Then I also bought a wonderful pair of gold and black 80's earrings as well. I think they are the perfect combination of edgy and classy. My favorite combo by the way. I just thought that they would go with plenty, whether it be a casual outfit like a blazer and leggings or a more formal outfit. Just a good, all round pair of earrings that only set me back a measly $4.80. An absolute bargain I say.

   I originally saw this blouse hidden between some other items on a rack that someone probably hid there and was planning on coming back for, but you snooze you loose. I just love a good blouse with cute collars, and this one has gold collar tips!!! To be honest after I saw the gold tips it didn't even matter if it fit me perfectly, but it's a good thing that it did. I think this blouse is just a great staple to have in your wardrobe because you can pair it with a skinny jean, over shorts or tucked into a skirt. It's so versatile that it would almost be a crime not to get it, or that's what I told myself anyways. It fits really well and it's true to size keeping in mind that it is meant to be on the looser side. It has the ever popular high-low working for it, so if your like me and hate showing your bum in leggings this is perfect as it hides it completely. This blouse was also very affordable with a price tag of $23.80.

   So after this shopping trip not only did I get a few staple items for cheap I also got a renewed love of Forever 21. If you all haven't been into one of their stores lately I recommend stepping in because although you may have to dig a little, there really are some great findings for cheap. The only downside I can see to this new love is that I don't think I'll be able to stop going...Uh oh!

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos - Im a poor imitation of an amateur photographer.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Fall with a Twist! X

     Simple Fall look. Taking a new direction on the scalloped shorts, and making it an office appropriate staple. I love the warm tones in this outfit. However, I do think that this look would have been better with ditching the studded feather clutch and exchanging it for a large black leather envelope style clutch. The angles on the clutch would correspond with the scallops on the shorts, giving this look a more harmonious feel. 

     What do you think? Keep the feathers or ditch them?

Review || Murad Cleanser

     Tonight it’s all about the Murad Soothing Gel Cleanser. I got this cleanser about 2 weeks ago, and i’ve already fallen in love. First, it is incredible value for money; this tube has 200 mL encased in the simple design and I only had to pay $25.00…quite a bargain if you ask me. You only have to use about a dimes worth and therefore it can potentially last you maybe 4 months. As you probably know from my last skin care post, I have quite bad acne and as a result I have prescriptions to deal with the issue, so when I went out to look for a cleanser I didn’t necessarily want one that was specifically designed for acne.(I find that if you use to many acne products on your face at one time it often give you the opposite desired result). 

     Anyways, I wanted a cleanser that would benefit my skin underneath all the bumps, and that’s exactly what I got with this cleanser. It absolutely does everything that it says on the label (which is unfortunately is not a common find when dealing skin care products). It has not been sucking the moisture out of my face like so many before it. In addition to it having goji berry extract to calm and sooth, it has moisture beads that give the cleanser that extra moisture boost. These beads make a world of difference; if you’re tired of how drugstore cleansers make your skin tight and dry, I encourage you to exchange it for this bad boy.  It conditions and literally calms the enflamed skin of an acne sufferer, and has a green tint which helps cancel out the redness on the face. 

     I won’t lie, when it comes to my skin care routine I am incredibly lazy. I know that your supposed to use make-up remover to take your make-up off prior to using a cleanser, but that’s just too much work for me. This Murad is a miracle worker! Besides my mascara it takes everything off, but really I have yet to find a product that takes it ‘all’ off in one fell swoop. Really though, one negative to a product filled with positives is not a deal breaker in the least. This product is going to be in my life for a very long time to come.

     I think that if you are currently having your acne treated and you’re tired of having dull flakey skin, this product would definitely be beneficial to try. And even if you already have flawless skin, I’m sure you have red problem areas on your face that just won’t go away even with persistent begging. This cleanser could be your gateway out.

Im in no way sponsored by any of the products/companies I review

Review || Boscia Tonic

     Today i’m going to do a skin care product review for the Boscia Clear Complexion Tonic with Botanical Blast. Prior to purchasing this toner i had been using a Clinique toner and found that not only was it incredibly drying, but it had also begun to burn my skin. It was basically like a chemical peel gone wrong…not a pretty sight, nor a pretty feeling. So, I set out to find a toner that did not have any alcohol in it or any harsh ingredients that would irritate my sensitive acne prone skin, and that’s when I stumbled upon this bad boy in Sephora.

     When I arrived at Sephora I immediately sought out the skin care section at the back of the store and was approached my the most amazing women in the Sephora  universe! I told her about my ordeal with the Clinique product, of how it burned my skin and made me look like a redder version of Jocelyn Wildenstein, and once she finished her giggling she took me through all of the alcohol free toners that were appropriate for acne prone skin. At the end we settled on this spray toner and I haven’t looked back. Not only is it gentle and non drying but it doesn’t have any preservatives, which makes me feel at ease with putting it on my face. However, I will say that I haven’t noticed any change in my acne or pore zones on my face, but there also hasn’t been an increase in blemishes so I think i’ll look just past that blip of false advertising.

     This is not a toner that you can feel the effects of (i.e.- stinging or tingling) so if you’re one of the people who need to feel your skin care products ‘doing’ something then I don’t believe this is the one for you. But if you want a no shine, gentle, clean face this toner may be worth a try.

…and if you really hate it you can always return to Sephora…BONUS!!!


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