Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Its All About Me Tag - Stolen from The Diary Of A Petite Girl

Here's A Random Picture Of My Cat To Get Us All In The Mood..

Ooohh yeah!!

The Basics:


Nicknames: The usual Becca, Becky, Bex..and the not so usual Rooshkin (do not ask me why, I have no idea)

Birthday: June 14,1994

Place of Birth: Canada...Brrrrrr

Current Residence: Somewhere in Canada...I will be in London at some point in my life I hope!

Star Sign: Gemini

Occupation: None :(


Hair colour: If you look really close you might say it was red, but unfortunately from a normal distance you'd see it was plain old brown.

Hair length: For the last 2 years its me about half way down my back, but back in July I made the foolish decision to cut it to right above my shoulders.

Eye colour: Brown

Best feature: I think I have alright legs...

Height: 5'4

Braces: I don't have them, but I definitely should! I unfortunately inherited 'British' teeth (sorry about the stereotype) from my parents and have an underbite and vampire teeth. Bad times! :(

Piercings: I have my ears and my belly button pierced. I had my nose pierced as well, but the stud made my nose look like a tree..

Tattoos: Not yet, but hopefully soon. I want to get a black circle with God written in the middle of it.

Righty of Lefty:


Best friend:
She was a girl named Kayla.. Long story short, we dont speak anymore

Award: I think it was for scripture memory

Sport: Other than shopping?.

Real Holiday: I recently went to Seattle with my sisters to see Ed Sheeran (got to meet him and it was amazing!), James Morrison and Snow Patrol.

Concert: Hilary Duff

Love: My hamster- Hamish!


The cliched favorite A Walk To Remember

TV Show: TOO MANY!!! New Girl, Big Bang, How I Met Your Mother, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, X factor, and my guilty pleasure Im a Celebrity

Colour: Deep Purple

Song: I dont really have a specific song but I like all of Ed Sheeran`s, Mcfly, and Birdy

Restaurant: Olive Garden. mmmm breadsticks!

Store: Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters

Book: Oddly it`s The Diary of Anne Frank

Magazine: Absolutely Glamour. The UK version not US

Shoes: That I own , my leather boots.
My dream shoes are without a doubt Jeffrey Campbell Lita Booties!!


Feeling: Christmasy! Im baking cookies!

Single or Taken: Single

Eating: cookies.....

Listening to: Michael Buble Christmas Album

Thinking about:

Watching: Christmas!!!

Wearing:Wet look leggings and a slouchy sweater (both from American Apparel) and a bobble hat


Want Children:
Yes! Gorgeous Georgiana

Want to be married: Absolutely! Come on Mr.Right!

Careers in mind: Editorial Stylist and journalist

Where do you want to live: Definitely London!

Have you ever:

Kissed a Stranger:
No...Havent even kissed someone I know : (

Smoked: Never

Ran Away From Home: For about 2 minutes when I was 6

Broken a Bone: My wrist

Broken Someone's Heart: Hopefully not :(

Broke up With Someone: No

Cried At School: Most likely..

Do you believe in:
Love at first sight: No

Ghosts: Not too sure

Aliens: Again im not sure, but I find it hard to believe that we are the only things in the whole universe.

Soul Mates: Yes

Kissing on the first date: Why not..

Yourself: Depends

                                  Hopefully this was at least a little interesting! X


  1. Ahh this is really good :)and you live in Canada? the land that gave us the Biebs ... haha, I might be visiting Toronto in April :') x

    1. Ah yes Canada, the frozen ice box. Good at Christmas, not so good in April heehe. I've never been to Toronto, but everyone I know that's been there doesn't have anything but rave reviews :) I hope Canada treats you well! X

  2. Great post! Really good way to introduce yourself to your new readers! Thanks so much for the follow hun! I'm now following you back on GFC and from bloglovin too :-)

    Jo x amomentwithjo

    1. Thanks love! Your my first follower on bloglovin' ! :)

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