In the hot Canadian summer of 1994, a little baby girl named Jamie was born. 8 years later she changed her name to Rebecca - from then on she would be know as Rebecca Marie Rose Adams. 10 years after that, she graduated from high school and was impatiently waiting her turn for major hip surgery. So, after a few months of waking up at noon and watching TV, she got tired of sulking and being in her pajamas all day. So she decided to do something productive with her time.

In September of 2012 10 Downing Chic was established. At first it was only a Tumblr account, but as it grew so did Becca (we're already on nickname terms..no biggie). She decided to stop mucking about and really focus on getting her blog up and going. Since then she has developed a nice little gathering of people that enjoy reading her posts.

After all this she is still the same girl from Canada - not much has changed. Save for a few screws in her hip, and the pajamas she wears almost daily. X


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