Monday, 22 July 2013

Asos Wish List ♥

I don't know about you but I freckin' love Asos. I'm pretty much addicted to creating a basket full of goodies and then never buying any of it because I am flat broke. There really isn't anything better after a bad day at work or school than a lovely peruse is there? You get to see items that you know for sure would never be in shops. It's even better if your like me and live outside the UK because you'll be able to find things that you lust over but don't have any chance of getting. To top it all off FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY! It's euphoria!

What do you have on your wish lists this summer?

Friday, 5 July 2013

Review || Stila 'In The Light' Eyeshadow Palette

Tonight (or today depending on where you are) I thought I would do a review of my new found friend, Miss.Stila. She really is all that they say she is - kind, warm hearted and has is killer clingy!
 I simply must not go without, as I have know addicted to her versatility and brilliance. With how smooth and luxurious she is you would think that she would be in the range of a high class escort, but wouldn't you know, she is cheap as chips!..or free if you get her for your birthday. What a gorgeous broad! Not showy and yet showy enough when you need that natural glow. The shades are all so pigmented so use caution, especially when dealing with her darker side. She's a giver not a taker and all she asks in return is that you love her. A request that is too easily granted.

As you can see above in the always amateur photo, there are both matte as well as shimmer eyeshadow's. I for one am not usually a lover of shimmer eyeshadow because I find that the shimmer granules land everywhere but your lids, and at the end of your working day you look like you've melted. I am grateful and happy to report that all those negatives stop when you use this palette, of course they'll start again if you stop using this lover. No one, including Stila, would be able to stop that.  I couldn't get a good picture of the swatches, like I said- amateur photos, but you'll have to take my word that her shades are all as seen except for 'night sky' or the blue one as I like to call it. The blue one is much darker than the pan shows - more like night I guess that makes sense.. They go on crazy smooth with no fall out, just make sure you tap your chosen brush before you put bristle to lid. 

With these 10 beautiful shades the lovely folks over at Stila also give you a full size Damsel Smudge Stick. I like to use this for my water line, I tried to do a smudgey cat eye but I am either not talented enough ( which is a huge possibility and probably the reason),or the smudge stick is not for doing a nice smooth line. As for the cat eye that's what liquid liner is for, and if your even more talented, gel liner. 

I really think that the pay-off is an amazing quality for the freckin' glorious price of $39 buckaroo's. If you are just getting into make up or you want a subtle, easy, everyday make up addition I would definitely advise you to purchase this. You can easy do a smokey eye or for those really lazy days, a wash of 'Sunset' with the water line Damsel'd (yeah that's right, I used it as a verb) and you are ready to dash out the door. As I said before, the versatility of 'In The Light' is truly remarkable. You can get so many different combinations for various occasions, that it would be a crime not to at least go in and swatch it for yourselves. Miss. Stila lives up to all the hype and pressure we beauty bloggers have been putting her under. She is just such a lovely gal!

VERDICT: In The Light is a gorgeous affordable, yet luxurious, eyeshadow palette with neutral shimmers and mattes for every skin tone, personality and occasion. LOVE IT!

Have you tried this or other eyeshadow palettes? Which ones were your personal favorites?


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