Friday, 26 October 2012

Review || Murad Cleanser

     Tonight it’s all about the Murad Soothing Gel Cleanser. I got this cleanser about 2 weeks ago, and i’ve already fallen in love. First, it is incredible value for money; this tube has 200 mL encased in the simple design and I only had to pay $25.00…quite a bargain if you ask me. You only have to use about a dimes worth and therefore it can potentially last you maybe 4 months. As you probably know from my last skin care post, I have quite bad acne and as a result I have prescriptions to deal with the issue, so when I went out to look for a cleanser I didn’t necessarily want one that was specifically designed for acne.(I find that if you use to many acne products on your face at one time it often give you the opposite desired result). 

     Anyways, I wanted a cleanser that would benefit my skin underneath all the bumps, and that’s exactly what I got with this cleanser. It absolutely does everything that it says on the label (which is unfortunately is not a common find when dealing skin care products). It has not been sucking the moisture out of my face like so many before it. In addition to it having goji berry extract to calm and sooth, it has moisture beads that give the cleanser that extra moisture boost. These beads make a world of difference; if you’re tired of how drugstore cleansers make your skin tight and dry, I encourage you to exchange it for this bad boy.  It conditions and literally calms the enflamed skin of an acne sufferer, and has a green tint which helps cancel out the redness on the face. 

     I won’t lie, when it comes to my skin care routine I am incredibly lazy. I know that your supposed to use make-up remover to take your make-up off prior to using a cleanser, but that’s just too much work for me. This Murad is a miracle worker! Besides my mascara it takes everything off, but really I have yet to find a product that takes it ‘all’ off in one fell swoop. Really though, one negative to a product filled with positives is not a deal breaker in the least. This product is going to be in my life for a very long time to come.

     I think that if you are currently having your acne treated and you’re tired of having dull flakey skin, this product would definitely be beneficial to try. And even if you already have flawless skin, I’m sure you have red problem areas on your face that just won’t go away even with persistent begging. This cleanser could be your gateway out.

Im in no way sponsored by any of the products/companies I review

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  1. So i said that this cleanser could last you 4 months. The more I've used it the more I see how wrong I was. All you need is a dimes worth (at most!) It's truly incredible how long this cleanser could last you! I won't need to be buying it again anytime soon :)



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