Sunday, 28 October 2012

Who knew! X

     Hello Lovies! So I did a tiny Forever 21 haul today - tiny being the operative word. You see folks, I used to live in Forever 21 from the age 12 probably up until I was 15. It had everything, cuteness, incredibly affordable and its large area served as a superb hide and seek arena. Then I grew up and started shopping at stores like Zara, Urban Outfitters and H&M because I learnt about quality of clothes. I became the poster child for the phrase "quality over quantity" I never bought anything before I thought about how long the piece would last me or how many outfits I could pair it with....kinda sad right? I that before today I hadn't even stepped into a Forever 21 store in about 2 years, but from today on it will be a nice little addition to my 'go to' store collection.

     Although some of the items in the store are just as poor quaity as they used to be ( sad but true), I would say that the majority of it has been raised to a level of acceptable qualitiness that is equalized by the prices of the items. I know that saying that probably doesn't sound very good or seems that I'm putting them down, but I'm not. For what you get and the price you spend I would say that it is very good value. However, saying that I wouldn't go and by a winter jacket from here or shoes that I want to last me because honestly it just won't work.  They will break and you'll be cold and then you will just be upset. Sad times. For items like these definitely go to a store and spend a little bit more to get the quality you want. I've been rambling - back on topic!

    Forever 21 has great pieces that mix and match into your wardrobe and won't set you back $50 for a plain blouse. It has AMAZINGLY affordable accessories that are pretty darn cute ( although the earrings could do with going on a diet), and pieces like tank tops and plain tube skirts can be found for well below the ten dollar mark. So really who cares whether it lasts you a lifetime because you can easily just go out with your change purse and buy another. So finally onto my tiny miniscule haul!..and if you've lasted this long you deserve a nap!

   So firstly I bought a super adorable pair of little black mustaches. I saw them at the check out counter and just loved them! Don't you find that some of your best purchases are the spur of the moment ones, or is that just me? Not only were they incredibly cute and a must have, but they were only $1.50. No explanation for how stoked I was. Then I also bought a wonderful pair of gold and black 80's earrings as well. I think they are the perfect combination of edgy and classy. My favorite combo by the way. I just thought that they would go with plenty, whether it be a casual outfit like a blazer and leggings or a more formal outfit. Just a good, all round pair of earrings that only set me back a measly $4.80. An absolute bargain I say.

   I originally saw this blouse hidden between some other items on a rack that someone probably hid there and was planning on coming back for, but you snooze you loose. I just love a good blouse with cute collars, and this one has gold collar tips!!! To be honest after I saw the gold tips it didn't even matter if it fit me perfectly, but it's a good thing that it did. I think this blouse is just a great staple to have in your wardrobe because you can pair it with a skinny jean, over shorts or tucked into a skirt. It's so versatile that it would almost be a crime not to get it, or that's what I told myself anyways. It fits really well and it's true to size keeping in mind that it is meant to be on the looser side. It has the ever popular high-low working for it, so if your like me and hate showing your bum in leggings this is perfect as it hides it completely. This blouse was also very affordable with a price tag of $23.80.

   So after this shopping trip not only did I get a few staple items for cheap I also got a renewed love of Forever 21. If you all haven't been into one of their stores lately I recommend stepping in because although you may have to dig a little, there really are some great findings for cheap. The only downside I can see to this new love is that I don't think I'll be able to stop going...Uh oh!

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos - Im a poor imitation of an amateur photographer.


  1. i love that shirt :) yeah i dont shop there as much but they do have nice clothes! the quality isn't too bad :)

  2. I was so surprised at the change! You just have to get over how messy it is in there! :)



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