Wednesday, 5 December 2012

DIY Bow Ornaments

So, I recently went shopping with my mum for some new Christmas goodies! I walked into Michael
's full of all the naivety in the world, and walked out with the realization that Christmas definitely isn't free. Since when do ornaments cost $21.00!!! All I wanted was to make my home a winter wonderland but no, its not that simple. Being me, the wonderful daughter that I am, I didn't want my mum to spend her money on, and I cant believe im saying this, frivolities. So I found myself sulking down aisles, eyeing anything that was sparkly or oozing Christmas essence. Resigned that I was going home without anything, I found this gorgeous wired ribbon in a rose gold (I know you cant really tell in the photos) for only $3.00 (60% off!!),and the thought struck me, try to create your own ornaments.

I often get sudden bursts of inspiration, and normally its wanting to learn to play the piano or become the next Da vinci,
but for me to actually buy that ribbon and then come home to start the project, lets just say that it doesn't often happen. I must tell you, I am not the most crafty person, and anything that I try to create or embellish, will almost always find itself in the trash. So when the 'ornaments' weren't looking like a toddlers masterpiece, I knew that I had to document this monumental occasion.

Here's my 'How To' bow ornament recipe:

    1 roll of your favorite ribbon - preferably with wired edge

     A good few ornament hangers

-Cut so the ribbon is about 16' in length
-Fold in the center of the ribbon
-Make 2 loops to the right and left of the center
-Tie together like you would any other bow
        You will need to play with the lengths
        of each loop for it to tie properly
- Cut a diagonal line to create the 'V' look on the ends
-Slide a ornament hanger through the back belt loop,      if you will
-Tie the ornament to the tree and adjust the bow to your liking

There you have it, an easy affordable tree ornament. I hope that this was useful to all you kind folks, and maybe it has given you a few ideas of your own. X


  1. these are so cute! definitely going to give this a try! :)



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