Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Welcome to the Family!

I don't know if you guys know this about me, but I am severely addicted to animals. If I see a dog on the street I simply must pet it, if there's a cat wandering the back alleys I will check it's collar and bring it home, if there's a snake on the grass I...well I'd probably just leave it there - no one likes snakes.

With this love of animals comes the daily checks to the animals available at the animal shelter, and the never ending begs of 'I have to have that dog! We are meant to be'! However, since I am moving in a few months I figured that getting an animal though new and exciting would also be incredibly cruel and selfish as I would have to pawn it off to a friend who most likely would give it back to the shelter. This was an obvious no go for me. Obviously.

 So, as you can see although I didn't pick up anything furry, I did get something living. Succulents! Who knew they came in pink?! 
And before you mention anything I am very aware that this is an insanely boring monotonous post, but I simply had to share my new pals with all my lovely internet buds! 

Sure I don't know much if anything about plants, much less succulents but on the little paper tab thing that all plants come with, it only said that I had to water them once a month. Even I can do that. This way when I do leave, and if these aren't dead, all my mum will have to do is water them and open my curtains. Easy Peasy! 

Also, can we please take a moment and appreciate of amazing these photos turned out?! 

I haven't named any of my new family members - A because they're plants and B because A. If you were to give them identifiers what would you call them?

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