Thursday, 13 March 2014

Review || Origins Drink Up Face Mask

I've had this face mask for a couple months so far but really wanted to give it a fair go before I told you my opinion on it. I had seen and heard about Origins from other blogger for ages and ages before I succumbed and went to Sephora. To be honest this is probably one of the first skin care products that I've bought without doing my research, which is probably why it won't be being repurchasing this again (but we'll come to that in a bit). My skin is extremely sensitive to new products so I always make sure that I check blog posts, video reviews, magazine ratings, ect before I buy anything, especially if i'm going to be spending a pretty penny on it. You live and learn and I feel I have had my fair share of teachings..cue sad montage of pimply teenage Becca. 

I'm a huge believer that when it comes to skin care it is definitely worth parting a good $30 or $40 dollars, especially if it means that your going to get the results you need -want. Although I know that there are some crazy low budget miracle workers out there as well. This is why when you do hype yourself up to just go for it, to purchase that clean velvety bottle of needless necessity and it doesn't turn out, I turn into a very grumpy camper. 

Now, finally onto why this $28.00 tube of citrusy doom just wasn't my cup of tea. Although I do love the aroma of it, and really wish I could get a shampoo in the apricoty concoction, this mask has just done absolutely nothing in helping my skin fight against the cold dry Canadian winters. However, to be fair it hasn't done anything to hinder it either. It has a great thick consistency however when you put it on it doesn't sink into your skin, rather it sits on top and mocks you for falling for the simplistic charm of it's packaging. Why do I always think that if something is beautiful that it's gonna treat me right. Two words. Daddy Issues. 

I don't know it was just me who felt that it coated my skin without giving any hydration, but I've since looked at some reviews and have come to a conclusion. It's pretty much just me. I don't know why but no matter what I do I can't seem to make this mask work for me. I've tried leaving it on for the 10 minutes it says, I've tried 30 minutes, going to bed with it on and washing it off in the morning, I've used it as a moisturizer. Nothing has worked and each time I use it I like it less and less. Although it does say that it's the fountain of youth so maybe I'm already 
just so youthful that it doesn't have anything to work on. Probably not though. 

So since this mask hasn't all.. I am in the marked for a new moisturizing mask that will actually do something, anything at all, just something. I would love to hear your suggestions so please let me know in the comments!
Talk soon X

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