Sunday, 30 March 2014


So like most of us I watch YouTube, definitely more than I should and definitely when I shouldn't. I work in a reception job where I am literally by myself all day waiting for the phone to ring, so I have a lot of time on my uncalloused hands. I use this time to catch up on the videos of some of my favorites and find some undiscovered favorites. YouTube, as you all know, is a community of people sharing their opinions, art and lives through video. What do you do in a community? Share the things you are loving with your neighbors...except that crazy guy next door who always has his curtains closed and only comes out at night - he could be a werewolf, it's best to steer clear. Anywho, here are a few YouTubers that I've been getting paid to watch this week.

Mackenzie Johnson is truly one of the most talented people I have seen- ever. She does killer covers of pop favorites. However, she also does her own original songs with some of the most truthful lyrics this girl has heard in awhile. If you can't tell already I love her. In a completely platonic sort of way. Don't get weird. 
My favorite cover that she does is TLC's No Scrub. I can literally watch that 15 times and not get tired of it. I urge you to take 5 minutes of your time to go check that out, but if you do make sure you either have my job or a spare hour as you will get caught up in her quirky flawless voice.
Just let it happen. 

Mamrie Hart is funny. That's really all you have to know about her, but since this is a blog and blogs are made up of words I shall continue. She is so endearingly bizarre that you can't help but wish you were best friends. She makes puns of the highest of calibers which is exceedingly difficult as puns are not known to be of such a class.Let her lead you into oblivion with her well thought out assortment of celebrity related alcoholic beverages.
Although I will say, she does swear and drink like a champ so be cautious. Big sister talk done.

So Charlie is definitely not a new favorite but he is a favorite nevertheless. Like many others, he was one of the first people that I saw on YouTube, and what a great way to start hey? Not many people could say that they painted themselves purple or drank a bottle of Ketchup and still managed to make them high quality.  But if you watch this guy's videos you'll see that that's what you will always get. Regardless of subject matter he won't post something that he isn't happy with, which, I must say, is definitely something to be admired in a community as self deprecating as this. Although there are some sillier videos, as mentioned above, he also puts up some amazing thought provoking content as well. If you haven't already watched it please go and watch his most recent video on consent. It's for everyone and their pet.
 I know there are tons of 'fangirls' who swoon over Charlie, and I admit I have been known to swoon on occasion, but he puts out some of the most thought out videos on the interwebs to date.....That wasn't too swoony was it? Just watch, you'll see.

These are the Sorted boys and by golly you will be happy that I've added them to this list. They make food and they're English. I have sold you already, haven't I? They're just cheeky chaps who are best friends and make really amazing easy dishes. Ben, Barry, Mike and Jamie make up the gang and just like the Spice Girls, everyone has their secret favorite. 
It's because of them that I have found out that I make a mean loaf of foccacia. Thanks guys!

So have you found some new favorites or have I wasted your time? Who are you loving watching this month? Also, is there let me know if there is a less creepy way of saying that.


  1. Oooh I only watch some of those - thanks for getting me hooked on more x). I'm big into the British YouTubers as we all are... but I recently started watching LaurDIY ( I like her cause she's Canadian and just super adorable

    A (

    1. It is absolutely my pleasure! I'm gonna go check out LaurDIY right away - I always love checking out what my fellow Canadians are up to :) Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. Agreed! It feels good to support my countrymen x). Hope you like her! :)

  2. Heya lovely, I’ve just redesigned my blog and I’d love you to take a look and lemme know what you think! Look forward to hearing from you! Sarah xx

  3. pretty nice blog, following :)

  4. Love your blog so much! do you wanna follow each other? follow me and I will follow you right back!
    Have a lovely day!

    Bryony xxx



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