Sunday, 3 August 2014

Holly Hagan || The Fashion Bible *

Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan celebrates her birthday by channeling her in Kylie. With just days before the hit record breaking MTV show returns on July 22nd for series eight, 22 year old Holly has posed for her fashion collection, Summer Holiday Additions. In an apparent homage to the 13 year old smash hit 'Can’t Get You Out Of My Head', the Middlesbrough lass strikes a pose reminiscent of the famous Kylie Minogue track, which topped the UK charts for a whole month. 

Showing her curves in all the right places, Holly’s figure is unrecognizable from the “baby elephant” that entered Geordie Shore series 1, just 2 years ago. Holly added: “I struggle looking at old pictures of myself, I used to think I looked great on a night out with my 5 pairs of eyelashes, skimpy PVC skirt and 1 leather glove, but in reality, I looked like a baby elephant!” “My look this series will shock a lot of people. I’ve ditched the rainbow coloured hair, for some more natural brown tones, and I’ve been working overtime in the gym, as well as getting help with my diet. 

"With I really needed to make a Summer wardrobe that fitted real girls, after all I have to model it, and there’s no way I’d fit into clothes which didn’t allow for a womanly shape. My Mam jokes that I’ve the perfect child baring body, but that doesn’t help trying to fit into some of the stupidly tight clothes on the high street. “The range has sizes from 6 to 26 in selected items, and prices start from £8.99 so there is something for everyone. “This Summer, for the first time since I was a child, I think I’ll be able to enjoy myself on the beach and not be totally embarrassed about my figure, and that feels good.”

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