Wednesday, 6 March 2013

OOTD || March 6, 2013

So you know how i've been wanting to do an outfit of the day? Well I finally got around to it - I know the quality sucks, but the next one will be better! Pinky promise!!
Since i've had surgery i have been wearing tonnes of leggings! Some call me Legging Galore..among other things which shall remain nameless... Anywho, so yes leggings,leggings,leggings! They go with pretty much everything and they don't squeeze the life out of my hips.
I pair that with a loose grey and white polka dot top with a gold zipper down the back (sorry there isnt a picture) The top is much longer than it looks in the photos, cause as we all should know, showing your tush is a huge no no - even if you do have magnificent cakes!
On top of that is my favorite piece that I own, my Zara jacket! Its navy fantasy fabric and black faux leather sleeves with gold stud detailing. To put it simply - it's AMAZING! and I got it for $30.00 from $99.00! STEAL!My Gorgeous BP. giraffe scarf is just an easy addition to pretty much all of my outfits. I love it - you probably dont know this about me, but I have an obsession with scarves. This is by far my favorite!
Then my trusty brown cross body bag - H&M you make one fine purse! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Sorry for the grainy quality - stipid Ipod touch!

Forever 21 Black Cotton Leggings
Zara Grey and White Polka Dot Top
Zara Fantasy Fabric/Leather Jacket
H&M Cross Body Bag
BP. Pink Giraffe Scarf

H&M Large Aqua Studs
Franco Sarto Black Leather Motorcycle Boots

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