Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lush Haul!

Floating Island Bath Melt || A French Kiss Bubble Bar || Fizz Banger Bath Bomb || Stepping Stone Foot Scrub

It feels like it's been ages since I've done my last Lush something. I suppose that I should be proud, given how much I would be spending if I allowed myself to give in whenever I felt the temptation. Which, for your information, would be every second day.
My Lush has recently gone and gave their already amazing store a massive revamp so really I was just doing my duty as a mall go'er to support them in their endeavours. I was being selfless until I became selfish and wanted to buy everything and call the lovely sales girls my best friends. It's near impossible to feel unwanted in that store. If your being ignored by the humans in your life and you don't have a dog, go into your local Lush shop because everything will be set anew! Maybe if there was lovely bath bubbles and oils around in when WW2 began things wouldn't have gotten so messy! They really just needed a lovely soak whilst listening to Michael Buble. Solved!

Alright let's get less controversial. I think that it's safe to say that the majority of people love Lush and all the wondrous things that lay perfectly inside. I for one could hold back no longer - this is what I got.

Floating Island Bath Melt She smells of lemon, vanilla and cocoa butter. Basically you let her float and fizzle away in your tub whilst you soak and transport yourself to an island full of Johnny Depps fanning your tanned 6 pack'd body. It's really too bad that it's not actually reality, but if this is as close as I will get to him I'll take it 100 times over. This bath melt is specifically great if you have dryer skin and hate taking the time to moisturize your entire body. You'll never have had a bath as long as the bath you'll have with this melt. Luxury has never been so cheap or found in such a compact form!

A French Kiss Bubble Bar Who doesn't love the deliciously calming scent of lavender? Crazy people, that's who!(unless you don't - your definitely not crazy) I wish I could just soak in a vat of lavender oil, but seeing as how that would be ridiculous, as well as exceedingly expensive, I will happily make do with this bubble bar. Frenchy has the best arms that just wrap around you and allow you to fall asleep within a swarm of comfort and bubbles. What more could you ask for?

Fizz Banger Bath Bomb This bath bomb has pop rocks in it. As if you need a better reason to get this star, which you don't, it also smells of apples and cinnamon toffee! How does this exist?! I have no idea but I am overjoyed that it does. Pwef, Lush has gone above and beyond and I think they deserve a cuddle for this one. How many times have you been in your bath thinking about how much you wish fireworks would just spontaneously start? Obviously people at Lush, which is why they get paid the big bucks. Such beautiful minds! Toffee in a bath bomb! This is happening!

Stepping Stone Foot Scrub So feet are gross right? Not with this smartly designed foot scrub. Its in the shape of a foot. Can I please just be inside the mind of a Lush designer? After summer my feet where surprisingly scuffed up, also I just wanted to try the scrub, so I decided to give this good boy a try. So glad that I did, not only do my feet now smell of a refreshing drink of lemonade, but they also look like I've paid someone big smackerolies to bring my feet back to their former glory. $4.50 for this foot shaped foot scrub. I could lick my feet, if I was flexible enough, and would find it a delightful experience. True story.

I wish I could say that it will be awhile for the next Lush haul, but it's Christmas soon and we all know that Lush is the best play on earth at the most wonderful time of the year. I'd probably say that there will be another next month.

What are your all time favorite Lush products that you can't live a good life without?


  1. All of these look awesome! You just cant go wrong with Lush, Im moving house in a few weeks and I'm most looking forward to finally having a bath just so I can go to LUSH! very jel!

    Kirsty Rockit Style

  2. Lovely haul :) I really love the French kiss bubble bar but that foot scrub looks great too!



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