Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Best Moments of Girl World

Before I start this post I just want to apologize to you all for my being so awol lately. I was in LA and Disney for 10 days but that's all really just an excuse for being lazy. I'd like to promise that I'll post bi-weekly or even weekly from here on out, but if you've been reading my blog for a little you'll know how utterly hopeless I am at being consistent. I will try but basically this note is just a sorry in advance... Sorry.
On with the show!
Taking your bra off. I'm sorry if you're a guy reading this but you have to understand how momentous this moment is everyday for us. The feeling of unhooking those leechy latches and letting the blood flow back and when, there's no dignified way of saying this, the girls go free. Phoar! It's a goodin.
Releasing your hair from that too tight top knot. I never realized how many bobby pins I actually put into my hair until that miraculous/painful moment where I take my hair down when I get home. How have I not impaled my head on one of those devilish spears yet?
Seeing that pink sequined something from across the largest Forever 21 in the world and rushing towards it body checking any girl who even glances at it before you get there. Then deciding that you really don't like it, but you still stuff it behind a large woolly sweater so no one else can buy it.
Dancing and singing in a faux broadway fashion but then you nail that high Idina Menzel note in Gravity. You've never felt so proud of yourself.
The guy who you like and think likes you too cause you know, he looks at you all the time and blushes and laughs that adorable laugh and is just so perfectly perfect, texts you 'What did I miss in class yesterday?' It's obviously just an excuse to talk to you. Obviously.
I know it's not much but I just felt like writing a little mind wandering list. I hope that you have all been well recently and that you are staying warm this blustery evening. It's -30*C where I am without wind chill! Perfect excuse to wear a onesie - am I right ladies and One Direction!?
What are you favorite of all favorite reasons it's best to be a girl?


  1. Ah, so true. I love. And -30 degrees celsius!?!? Where are you! That's absolutely freezing. Hope you're staying warm :) xxxx


    1. Haha! I'm in Alberta. It's pretty ridiculous but I love wearing layers so I just make the best of it :)

      Becca X

  2. I love cute little lists like this, reminds me of all the simple things in life to make you happy.

    And DAMN -30? WHAT? Haha



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