Tuesday, 16 April 2013

When The Stars Go Blue

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like up to this point you lot only really know a few things about me. I like makeup, fashion and Starbucks. I feel like if you, my lovely subscribers, are going to read my blog and hopefully be inspired by a few things, then it would only be fair for me, to share with you a bunch of other random little facts about me.

My gorgeous sisters and I at my high school graduation!

My name was originally Jamie but my mum legally changed it when I was about 7. After I saw A Walk To Remember I was furious!

I have had more animals than I can remember the names of. Mostly cats but dogs, bunnies, frogs, fish, birds, a hamster. I think its fair to say that I love animals.

My favorite cereal is French Toast Crunch. They haven't sold it in Canada for far too long, so I'm sending out a plead for anyone that is able to get a hold of it to send me a lifetimes supply!

My favorite TV show of all time is Veronica Mars and I seriously am having panic attacks waiting for the movie. Kristen Bell is pretty darn amazing! I Dream of Jeannie is a really close second.

Ive wanted to be a singer and actress my whole life but seeing as how it isn't the easiest career to break into, I'm now hopefully going to be a stylist.

Ive met the freckin glorious ginger Ed Sheeran. He was lovely but I was so excited that when i had my picture taken with him I didnt focus on looking not like an idiot. Worst picture-best memory! 

You probably wouldn't have guessed by looking at me that was a joke but I have never had a boyfriend....

My biggest fear is weather. I don't mean a little rain or hail, but tornadoes or earthquakes ect. In Canada, or at least where I live, we don't get earthquakes, hurricanes or anything like that. We get a lot of tornado warnings in the summer. Fun Fact: whenever we do get a tornado warning I get instant panic attacks until the warning has gone.

 I am a ridiculously picky eater. For your enjoyment and education, here is just a taste of the things that I will not eat. Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Pork, Lamb, any type of cheese that isn't from a cow, blueberries, bananas, fish, steak, meat on the bone, pineapple, olives. I think that probably good for now, but I can imagine that you were completely riveted, so please just feel free to ask for a whole post specifically centered on my least favorite foods. ;)

Never have I ever been to Disney Land or Disney World....I have been to Disney Paris but to be honest im not counting that...If you've been there I believe you'll know what I mean.

What do you think? Any things that really surprised you? X


  1. The weather bit cracked me up! When I lived in San Francisco, my roommates from Laguna Beach experienced their first earthquake. They collapsed to the floor, clinging to the carpet. It was hilarious. And I don't eat any of those foods either, I'm so damn picky it's disgusting. Disnyland is WONDERFUL! Best place, California Adventure is awful though.

    1. Oh man!! I would have died! haha I think Im going to LA this summer so hopefully ill be going to Disneyland :) Why is Cali Adventure so bad? Are the rides not good?

    2. It's just overly packed with mediocre rides. IDK maybe I just want my Disneyland to stay how it was. Disneyland is just magical! Especially The French Quarter area.



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