Saturday, 4 May 2013

We all get a little crazy....

What do you do when you have writers block, and no amount of lipstick or tinted moisturizer is going to fix it. Answer. You go on Pinterest and look at THE most 'awe' inducing animal there is on the planet. The Wombat. Please just take a moment and bask in the love and innocence these little guys exude.  You know when something is so adorable that you literally cannot compute into your brain that it exists and it IS. THAT. CUTE? That's what happened to me for about 8 minutes when I first had the privilege of landing my lucky unassuming eyes on Gods puppy.....Now to persuade my mum and the Australian/Canadian government to let me get one....I feel like cupcakes will have to be involved.

Sorry that this wasn't a beauty post, but just look at their wittle faces!! How could I not?!


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