Thursday, 16 May 2013

Feminists Eat Your Heart Out!

I am officially , after two years, employed! All I can say is thank God!! I've been in the zone of not knowing when my debit card will meet its imminent demise. You know, the horrendous sweat that you get going and the unwillingness to look the cashier in the eye. The humiliation of when that last dollar is no longer in the pot; the looks of both pity and smug smiles is enough for anyone to want to become a real life Borrower. It's an awful time in every beauty and fashion and food lovers life. Well no more my spunky gal pals, I've almost recovered completely from my brief stint in elder hood, and come out a box office attendant! Baby steps, right?  Yep, so now I work at a comedy club and I don't think it could be a more perfect fit! I get to basically sit down all day, get free tickets to some shows, cheap food, and amazing pay! This girls life is really sad isn't it?... Really though, it seems like a great place to work and I love comedy. In my interview, the manager asked me what comedians I liked and I told him about Michael Mcintyre, Rhod Gilbert, Greg Davies ect. But when I said that I loved Bo Burnham - he didn't know who he was, so we watched a few things on Youtube, and now he's gonna try to book him. Freckin good interview if you ask me. Now if they do actually get him, I have to work on not having a panic attack....Where's the Ativan...?

Who are some of your panic attack inducing 'celebrities'? 

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  1. I'm going to go on a bit of a cliche here and probably say either jennifer lawrence or tina fey, but lets be honest I'd probably faint over lots of people. Congratulations on the job by the way! :) xx



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