Monday, 10 June 2013

If I Had A Boat, I Would Sail To You || Empties

If you follow me on twitter you would have seen my tweet saying that my laptop has gone to the land of many a shizzy electronics. It's really become quite a paradise, you'd be surprised. Anywho, I am now  using my lovely sisters mac for the time being - updates may not be super frequent, but we'll make it through. As an addict of all things beauty and therefore have numerous products. I've saved my empty containers to share with you all. Please note that I am in fact a beauty blogger not a hoarder. That is clear, right? 

TRESemme Extra Firm Control Hair Spray || This is my favourite hairspray I have ever tried by miles!! I will openly admit that I am incredibly sceptical when in comes to TRESemme products, specifically their shampoo and conditioners. So, when my mum bought this I was really disappointed because I knew that i would have to endure this ridiculously large can. Well slap me twice and pat me on the bottom; this hairspray is nearly sticky-less, is phenomenally light weight, lasts for 2 hamster lives and is cheaper than a double bubble addicts daily dose.

HEMPZ Haute Mess || Dry shampoo, obviously, is predominately used for those days when a shower is physically implausible, but I urge you beauty lovers to use this bad gal as a styling product. It'll give your hair grip and texture without the coating and shine of other sources. That being said, I probably wont end up buying this specific dry shampoo again. Mainly because i didn't notice a huge difference between my pre dry shampoo and my immediate post. Also this was around the 12 dollar mark, which for me is a nut too much, especially for something that will only give you the security of 4-6 hours of just shy of greaseless hair. Too much for too little in my humbly obnoxious opinion.

REDKEN Wool Shake 08 || If you haven't already read, I did a full review of this wondrous gem. Plug done. This is my favorite hair product of life. It is amazing. It is my baby. It's a texturizer on acid. It makes your hair, especially if you have a longer bob with long layers, look like you've spent freckin' hours perfecting each strand into a specific shapes. It's pink and smells phenominal. Although my baby doesn't come cheap, around the $23 dollar mark, it has lasted me a full year of joy and tearless mornings. It's worth every rounded penny in its flawlessness. I love it and so will you. Buy it now!!!!!

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted || HOLY SHMOLEY this scrunching gel has lasted practically my whole hormonal life! It is a go to hair product when you have a shower in the night, don't dry your hair and wake up with curls going in every vertical and horizontal direction. Although I believe it's supposed to be used mainly when blow drying, but really who's got time for that?! The gel in infused with french lavender and jade extracts - to put it plainly, it smells crazy delicious. It's pretty affordable coming around the 10 dollar price point, and again it lasts you ages. I'd recommend getting this if you have seriously unruly curls and you don't want to faff around with getting them into place.

St.Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub || In all honesty I dont have too much to say about this blemish & blackhead exfoliator. It's a pretty average product. For my skin it didn't improve my troubled spots, but in fairness it didn't make it any worse. I'm sure it did get rid of dead skin cells, but unfortunately it wasn't a noticeable difference. I wouldn't recommend this for mature skin or that has mild-severe acne. I think it would be more worth while to buy a more expensive product that would better suit your skin. However, if you are in your early teens I don't see any harm in just using this one. I cant remember the price but I would guesstimate it being around $10. It's alright but nothing to write home about.

Lush Love Lettuce Mask || I wrote a full review of this exquisite example of modern skin care. I freckin' ( yes it's my new word, deal with it) am in love with its ability to transform my drabby skin in a mere 15 minutes. This green wonder is as beautifully refreshing as it is exquisitely exfoliating. I just love the fact that as it helps my skin recover from the disgusting monstrosities that I put my skin through, at the same time it relaxes and releases the stress from not only your mind but from your skin as well. It helps reduce the amount of oil on your skin, decreases blemishes, and removes any dead skin cells and impurities. At only 7 dollars this mask is a steal! 

LORAC Natural Performance Foundation NP3 || I'm afraid I don't have great things to say about this, my only make up product. The first and most important reason is that Lorac tests on animals. HUGE NO NO!! At the time of purchase I was in utter ignorance to this, so please don't blame me. My cats do that enough... Other than the politics surrounding this otherwise dismal foundation, I found it to be remarkably full of cake. A cake festival if you will. This would go on in a normal average fashion, but come 45 minutes later it would be in every nook and cranny I have. Also as it was sulking there is oxidized. You know what that means, dont you?! Umpah Lumpah alert!! Seriously bad news!! Im talking literal orange! Benjamin Moore would be proud. Along with the disgusting nature of the shade, I found that the longer I used this my face would just be soo oily! It's like the foundation sunk into my skin, changed state and came out in an oil. It was just an all round bad product, but it comes from people who hate animals so what can you expect? This totalled to $47- seriously.

I'm thinking of making a YouTube video with more info on these products, please let me know if that's something you'd be interested in.

What are some of your products that you always replace when they've gone to the beauty gods?


  1. I have to disagree with the LORAC review! It is one of my favorite Foundations on the market, and does not make me break out. LORAC also does NOT test on animals, so I'm not sure where you heard that!

    1. Hmm...well to each his own. As to the testing on animals thing I know that they 100% did, not too sure about now. Thanks for reading my post though!!

      Becca X



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