Friday, 6 September 2013

Links I Love #1

I think we can all agree that we are a community. Whether you are a reader or a writer, we all communicate with each other and offer our support. I feel like we all need to be doing more 'community' where we can, which is why I am starting an ongoing weekly post of all the blogs, websites, tumblrs and videos that I have been loving through the week. I hope that I can spread some love through this tight family we have created. Here's this week's loves.

I suppose I'm cheating a bit with this one (great way to start off, hey) because I have been reading Codie's blog for quite some time now. She writes of fashion and decadence that can not be outdone. I know that if you like fashion, Paris and macaroons you will absolutely love her as much as I do.
Ahh DailyBumps, how I do love me some baby Ollie, Missy and Bryan. You have most likely known and religiously watched them for some time. Unlike me. I have lost so much tummy casting time that I will never be able to get back.
There's something crazy special about this little lady. She's on baby number two and still looks as magical as Ariel when she's on top of that big rock. Health meets fashion meets one hot mama.
This girls Tumblr account is freaking phenomenal. It's grungey, romantic, simply beautiful. I love getting home from work and relaxing in front of the computer and just lose myself in the wonder that she posts.
Again, not a new found love but definitely a favorite. I could read and watch her blog/videos for hours...wait a minute, what time is it? She's gorgeous and has the best wardrobe of life. Need.
Please go and check out each and every one of my favorites if you haven't already.
What are some of your favorite links?

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  1. Ok I know I literally JUST nominated you for something but... I've nominated you for an award on my blog check it out here xx



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