Wednesday, 9 October 2013

20 Regretful Moments

I regret not bleaching my hair when I was younger as it was always a bad hair day regardless of the color. 

I regret not trying harder to make an effort to socialize with people in school because either I couldn't be bothered or I thought they were 'cooler' than me. Not true! Just push yourself - it's scary but maybe you'll meet your best friend!

I regret making myself seem like a stalker and creating a fake boyfriend called Dustin to make the guy I liked jealous. Shocking that it didn't work, isn't it?

I regret not attending school as often as I should have because it definitely made my friendships suffer. 

I regret not forcing myself to each fish when I was younger because maybe if I did I would like it now. 

I regret not dancing like a fool at all of the school dances. 

I regret not being in the high school drama club. 

I regret not pursuing music as much as I wanted and knew I could. 

I regret going to the first and only cheerleading class I've ever taken. 

I regret making the ducky face in all of my grade 9 pictures. Thankfully not the yearbook picture!

I regret paying $500.00 for clip in hair extensions! $500!!!! What an idiot!

I regret the pink cords I wore in elementary. 

I regret lying to you about regretting the pink cords....I freaking loved them!

I regret trying the blue cheese sample at the grocery store and puking 10 minutes later in the packed car park. 

I regret not making more giant M&M cookies when I worked at Cookies By George. 

I regret the blonde streaks that were supposed to be highlights that i couldn't afford to change and that made my hair look permanently greasy. 

I regret having fish. Disgusting creatures. 

I regret ever eating that pretzel wrapped hot dog in Seattle and the terror that later ensued. 

I regret the 2 hour bus ride to the outlets where the only thing I bought was said hot dog. 

I regret deciding that it was a good idea to lay on the ground beside my dog, who then proceeded to sit on my face. Our relationship just hasn't been the same since. 

Well that wasn't traumatic at all! It's not often that I sit here and think about all the ridiculously stupid and embarrassing things I've done throughout my life. It will definitely set you straight if you ever get to big for your boots! I highly recommend waiting for that time to do this.

What are some of the most cringe-worthy things you've done? Please let me know that I'm not alone in my stupidity!! X


  1. hahaha i actually found that so funny especially the whole i regret lying to you about the pink cords hahah!

  2. Haha it's actually cringey how much I loved and lived in those pants!

  3. I did the blond streaks/ highlights in my hair too! they looked good when first done then looked horrible! <3

    1. Oh man! What's with young girls doing this atrocity?! We should just all create a group and chant about our dislike of streaks!

  4. This is such a good idea for a post! haha I can so relate to loads of these! xo



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