Sunday, 6 October 2013

Links I Love #3

Oh boy, do I have a lovely bunch of ladies for you this beautiful Sunday evening. This week I've been really getting back into beauty products and loving 'look book' type posts. Through this I have found some amazing girlies that are without a doubt going to be a regular feature in my future web-devours.
I have loved Zoe and her magnificent brows for such a long time! Her blog fruitybeauty features some tutorials from her book Amazing Face, as well as some crazy gorgeous photos. She has THE best teeth I have ever seen in my life and I hate her for it. Why can't I have those beautiful pearly whites?! WHY!!
Oh beautiful Polly and her disgustingly wonderful accent. I first found Polly through Beauty Bootcamp by Dailymix and thought that she was wondrous so naturally I went to have a look at her channel. Well good golly miss Polly she is simply delightful! If you haven't seen her videos please click the link above, watch a couple and come back to thank me for introducing you to your new favorite Youtuber!
Everyone this is Sophie, she is from Leeds and likes fashion. She is one hell of a blogstar and she knows it! Not only are her posts most joyous but the pictures give me endless goose bumps of jealousy. Don't we all wish we could be as genuinely tumbler-esque as dear Sophie here?
So I know that I normally do 5 weekly favorites but I've been really focused on all of the chickees up there, as well as living my dreary life. Maybe there will be all 5 next week..maybe there won't. I live on the edge like that.
Toodle-loo my lovely friends have an amazing week! X

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