Monday, 9 February 2015

Nails of the Day || Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy - Sure Thing

Remember in the early 2000's when you were in elementary school and you were just discovering White Out? You were enjoying the new found love of this magic eraser, when all of a sudden you looked to your left, then to your right. A terrible, awful, amazing idea arose. You have finger nails. The White Out comes with a sponge brush.... Thus came the best 10 minutes of your life. Right up until you realize that it actually feels disgusting on your nails, and the only way to get it off is to use your other finger nails and scrape it off in little thin strips. This on off process then goes on for the next 5 months of your sad little life. 

I have found the glossy grown up version of White Out. It comes in the form of a gel nail polish that is as sexy and bold as the latest Taylor Swift album. I've got a blank space baby, and i'll write your name. Then cross it off with my White Out, cause you know.

I am actually obsessed with this nail varnish right now. I have never reapplied as much as I have with this precious babe. That's not to say that it doesn't have staying power - it usually lasts about 3 days without chipping. This is after working days too, so it's not too bad. I was reintroduced to the white craze by Miss Bethany Mota. I was watching her videos and saw her nails and was just like " hey girl, you rockin' those white nails". I talk to my laptop, no big deal.. I saw her nails and just knew that I needed to go out and buy some right away.

I didn't go out with a specific brand or shade I wanted because, as I'm sure we all know, white nail polish can be a bitch. It's almost always translucent or too watery and I really wanted a thick stark white. When I walked into the drug store I could feel something in the air, and it wasn't Britney's Curious on for half price. There was basically a glow around the Revlon wall, a halo if you will. All Revlon products were 25% off, this was a big bonus for me because I absolutely hate spending money on nail polish. I don't know what it is but something about it just seems like a waste to me. All in all I got this nail polish for about $6.00. 

Besides going to an actual nail salon, I had never tried the gel nail effect. I didn't know how or even if it would work. A lot of the time these fads put out a lot of buzz but can never follow through with the actual product. I am extremely happy to announce that it's the complete opposite for this polish - it's a Sure Thing. and now I hate myself It goes on smooth and, although it's quite thick, it doesn't go on gloopy at all. In the end I only have to do two coats. It's a base and colour in one so you only really need this polish and a top coat. 
Revlon also sells ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat but I didn't buy it, I just use my trusty old O.P.I strengthener top coat. For me this works just fine, but if you're a nail connoisseur I would probably pick up their top coat as well.

I just think that it adds some edge to an outfit of just a T-shirt and Jeans, or it can glam up a LBD. There are so many different ways that this beauty can enhance your look. So why not just go back to your school days but with a more mature feel. If you're really wanting to do a flashback Friday, might I suggest a Lunchable with a juice box? Nothing brings back old memories like processed cheese and rubbery ham. Mmmm that's good cookin'!

If you do try the ColorStay Top Coat please let me know how you like it! 
What other nail colours are you wearing at the moment?! X

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