Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Review || Kate Somerville EradiKate

About 8 months ago I bought the acne spot treatment, EradiKate, because I was suffering from never ending red aliens invading my face. I have been prone to acne of all sorts since hitting puberty - the little bastards. I have had a good 10 years of this shiz and therefore have tried hundreds of spot treatments, cleansers, patches, toners, masks etcetera etcetera. Even treatments from the doctor haven't helped. Through all of these products I have come to the depressing conclusion that most, if not all, do nothing but dry out your skin. The one product that has exceeded my very low expectations has been Kate Somerville's EradiKate.

This pink puss sucker has saved my face from causing great embarrassment and further emotional turmoil. Although the start to our beloved relationship wasn't the greatest... I was in Sephora, yet again, and was reading and smelling (cause who doesn't smell their acne products) all of the products and doing an impeccable job of acting like I knew exactly what I was doing. As I was doing this oscar worthy performance, I stopped on a bottle of what looked to be calamine lotion. The products contents were separated and I thought that I would do the humane thing and mix them back together. Big Fat Mistake. I, for the first time in my life, got a lecture from the Sephora lady. She turned full on PETA on my ass - as it turns out I was not being humane, I was basically massacring this poor pink punk. that alliteration though What I failed to notice was the little sticker on the cap that said 'Do Not Shake'.

After our not so great introduction I was taught that she also uses the product and had found her own miracle cure in it. She said that although your spots won't completely vanish, they will decrease in size and redness to the extent where, with a bit of concealer, no one will be able to tell you had a ginormous tomato the night before. Not only that but the tense pain that comes with the huge red under the skin biatches will be dramatically lessened. To say I was sold is probably a fair assumption.
That and she scared me.

So night came and I went through the usual process of taking my make up off, cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Then came the moment of removing the glass bottle from its paper cage, placing it gently on my counter and NOT SHAKING IT!! To use this you'll just need to grab a Q-tip, dip it through the clear liquid and into the pink pool of peer pressure and then dab it onto any zits that you feel need to be EradiKated. You'll notice that it goes on wet but very quickly will turn into a hard chalky bandaid that encompasses the spot. Do your best to not touch your face as it does come off relatively quickly - it will come off as your sleeping so I like to put it on about an hour before I actually settle down. This will give it time to be on your skin and not your pillow.

When you wake up you should definitely be able to see a difference in your spots. If you buy this and don't notice it right away, I definitely do not give you permission to come to my house and punch me in my slightly less inflamed pimples. Good. Once you've scanned your face and asked your family what they think and all you get back is "yeah, it's your face", go ahead and do your usual morning cleansing and make up routines. After a couple nights application ask your family again, they'll most definitely notice a huge difference! I sometimes even feel like maybe I could go out without any foundation. I never do but the feeling is still there! Progress!

This treatment contains the highest level of sulphur allowed to calm any spots. No one likes their pimples to be having panic attacks! It also will prevent future spots from having to take some Xanex. The AHA's also have their own tough job of reducing enlarged pores. If i'm being completely honest I haven't noticed any of my pores decreasing in size, but really my hope for this product was that it would take away my spots, and it's done that so I got exactly what I was looking for. 

EradiKate will set you back about $29.00 at your local Sephora Store and I can confirm that it will be an amount that you will not regret paying. Really from all the new innovative masks that are now on the market for extravagant amounts of money, $30.00 isn't going to break the bank.

If, like me, you have been struggling for years with acne, please do yourself a favour and just try this. If it doesn't work for you what is one more product among the many, but what if it does?
 I know how hard it is to live with a face full of zits so if you're a survivor or a new victim, you have my sincerest sympathies.

To all you young girls, and boys, acne doesn't define you. Your attitude, humour and love for life is what people with remember and talk about. You're beautiful both inside and out - acne or not. X


  1. I'm glad you finally found something that works. I've been fighting the same fight for a few years now and know how you feel. I live in New Zealand where our access to a lot of products if very limited so I might have to see if I can find it online. Thanks for this post!

    1. Right?! It's killer! I really hope you can find it - I'm not sure if they ship to New Zealand but you could see if they have it on feelunique.com .
      Thanks so much for your comment! X

    2. Wow this is a late reply but yes I have finally found it! I have yet to use it because for some reason my skin decided to play ball, however with exams coming up the stress and comfort eating and lack of sleep have led way to massive red volcanos in the most obvious of places and it looks as though Eradikate's time may finally have come!

  2. Does anyone fine the smells of rubber after it's on ur face ?

    1. no but it's probably normal. maybe it's from whatever cleanser you're using combined with the eradi-kate

  3. i made the mistake of shaking it the first time i used it and it actually still worked well! this product has saved my life for real.



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