Friday, 6 February 2015

Review || Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

If you read my last post on EradiKate, you'll know that I struggle with acne and large pores. I am always looking for products that are effective in fighting against the red pusy hooligans. I have been a fan of Murad since 2012 when I started my Murad collection with their Soothing Gel Cleanser. I had been noticing that my pores were getting larger and therefore more noticeable, so I started looking for a cleanser that would help me out. I immediately looked to see if there was a different Murad cleanser that would do this. Thus I found their AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. A star, ladies and gentlemen, is here.

Not only is this a cleanser, but it also exfoliates! What the frack! It is not rough in any sense of the word. This is not a 50 Shades of Grey cleanser, it's more like The Notebook. Honestly I noticed a difference about an hour after the first use. No lie! I got up and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and noticed that my skin had lost a little bit of the dullness that had been plaguing me for so long. Upon closer inspection I also noted that my pores were indeed smaller. Not significantly, it had only been an hour after all, but even a little was a huge relief. I have been keeping up with using this and am still so happy with it.

Along with my acne prone skin I am also very sensitive to many products, especially exfoliators. My poor skin just can't take it! I have been hugely impressed that I haven't had any additional redness or rawness from using this every day. The small jojoba beads just buff away any rough or dry skin. Nothing scary from a good buffing. ;) Never have I ever been handled so gently by a product - I feel like such a princess!

Since using this I have noticed that my skin has been getting some glow back into it. I feel like a 4 year old again! I have also noticed that I haven't been producing as much oil on my face. I don't know if it's down to this cleanser or something else, but I'm going to give props to this bad boy right here! When I was younger I always thought that after I left my teens my body would just say "kay, we've done our job of embarrassing her. Let's move onto the next one. March bacteria march!" No such luck. At least I have this cleanser to soften the blow a bit...just a bit though. 

I also really love how this cleanser doesn't strip my face of the moisture it does have. I hate how after cleansing with some other cleansers you feel like you've just had all the moisture vacuumed out. Nothing is worse than smiling and feeling like you've just created some wrinkles. So it feels good to find one that promotes moisture and elasticity. You can pick this up for $36.00 at Sephora. Not bad really for a cleanser that is effective for doing more than just taking off your make up. Speaking of make up, this cleanser will also take your mascara off. For real though!! If you're wearing waterproof mascara you may have to cleanse your eyes twice.

If you're in the market for a new cleanser that will not only remove the days grime, but also give you back some life whilst still keeping your face clear of imperfections definitely give this one a try! If nothing else you will still have a cleanser that takes off your make up and removes any excess oils. 

I would love to hear about some of your favourite cleansers in the comment section below. 
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