Monday, 25 February 2013

Change Is Gonna Come

Lately I've become so frustrated with the general appearance of my blog, and the fact that I have absolutely no idea how to make it any better. I've had so much spare time on my hands lately, so I decided to really try to make my blog the way I want.

Did I accomplish that?  No, not really - but I did my best and that's what counts right?!

Anywho, there really isn't anything quite like designing and perfecting  what's been inside your noggin. For someone who doesnt have have any knowledge in codes and all that hullabaloo, I have to thank every blogger who puts up tutorials on how to make your blog better. It must take so much time and frustration to makethem, but without them my blog would look like a pile of something not nice....So thanks bloggers!!

This is a fresh start, like getting a pixie cut after having your hair down to your derrier (dont do that). A new era for 10 Downing Chic; a brand spanking new format for a new season! I recommend it to the high heavens! If you`ve been getting a little discouraged by the header that isn`t quite centered, or you think your font isnt quite cohesive. I urge you to take a moment, or hours if you`re like me, and do what you`ve been dying to do avoiding. If you`re too busy, just do one change a day and eventually your blog will be the envy of every drag queen(get it?change....).

So get going! And if you decide to actually take me up on this little tid bit of inspiration, please post your blog link in the comments and I promise to check it out and maybe write an adorable comment!

I hope you all have a lovely week! X


  1. Oh, I know this feeling so well!
    I started my blog last year with a design I wasn't really happy about, but I couldn't put my finger to what was bothering me and, like you, I had no skills in coding, designing or whatsoever.
    But then I took the time over the holidays, played around with Gimp, read some tutorials and created a look that I'm finally content with - for now ;)

    1. Your blog is so cute!! I totally know what you mean by 'for now' , my tastes change like a drag queen putting on a show ( is that funny or rude..hmm)
      It's so satisfying to do it yourself- all the frustration and confusion are so worth it when you can see the result!

      Thanks for the comment love!!X



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