Friday, 8 February 2013

Whatever your shape, there's a black dress out there

Black little dresses are the style staple that never go out of fashion. Updated season on season, if you get one in a classic shape, it will last you a lifetime. But the important thing to remember when choosing your black dress, is getting the perfect shape to show off you figure. Once you've found that fit then you can then get a dress that can last for decades.

Follow our top tips to get a great gown for your body shape:

~  If you're an apple shape then you need to make the most of your bust and try to create a waist with sneakily cut silhouettes. A black wrap dress is a foolproof option that will focus attention on your legs and d├ęcolletage i.e. your best bits. What makes this dress even better is that it's so adaptable you can easily wear it to work or play.
~  An enviable hourglass figure is easily flaunted and most designs will make you look a million dollars. Choosing something fitted will show off your frame and you'll also want to highlight your tiny waist and show off your spectacular shape. The only thing you'll want to avoid is a shapeless shift as it will hide your killer curves.
~  Make the most of a boyish figure. If you're straight up and down then you have to use tricks of the eye to create the illusion of curves. You could go for one of this season's optical illusion dresses to help fake a curvaceous figure. If you want to keep your outfit all black then play with textures. Patent belts draw the eye to a waist and adding lots of necklaces never fails to bring the attention to your bust.
~  A perfect way to make petites look taller. If you're not terribly tall, then the good news is that top to toe black is a brilliant way to give the impression of a few extra inches in a surprisingly subtle way. Keep hemlines above the knee to make legs look long and lovely, add a pair of high heels and keep tights tonal to give yourself a boost without it looking obvious.

So once you've found your perfect dress shape; all you need to do is get it in black and you're guaranteed to look great time after time.

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  1. love lbds, I'll definitely follow your tips :) xx

    1. Thanks love!! I'll definitely take a look at your blog!



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