Sunday, 3 February 2013

Review || REDKEN Wool Shake 08

We all love a good review, right? Good, I thought so. And what better way is there, than to spend your Sunday night reading about a fantastic hair product?

I have been wanting to review this product for some time now. You may well be asking why, if I wanted to review it has it taken me so long. The answer to that is that I have recently contracted a very severe case of lazititis. It has taken a lot out of me, but i'm happy to report that I am very nearly out of the woods.

We kid, we kid.

I've had this hair product since last June, and it has served me well. Like a basket of warm bread sticks at Olive Garden. Redken's Wool Shake has become a staple in casa Becca, and I can say with full confidence that she is one of the family. Unless she comes home with green hair and a tramp stamp, then she's out on her own. As for now, she is a fully fledged member of the Adams hair routine.

This product isn't one that I had heard a lot about from blogs or youtube videos, but I saw it mentioned in one of Zoe Foster's videos with Mamamia, and knew instantly that it would be perfect for my somewhat curly, and all round unruly hair. It is super easy to apply and you get an instant result from as little as one scrunch. You really couldn't ask for more in a texturizing hair product, if you ask me.

This is one of those products that are a life saver in the case of an emergency. Say you wake up with 5 minutes until you have to dash out the door. You take your hair out of the bun, spritz a light coating throughout your hair, and then scrunch to your heart's content. Voila presto, you have instant tousled beach waves. That truly is how little it takes to make your hair look knockout with this gel-slush spray. The messier the hair, the better.

The thing that sets this texturizer apart from others like it, is the concept of  'wool shake'. I just assumed that once you at a dapple of this on your head you turned into a lamb. Boy, did I look a fool. This spray is unique in that it has cotton extract in it - which literally translates onto your hair. Sounds ridiculous, but it creates such a modern and extraordinary finish, that you get over that in an instant. The dimensions that it gives your hair is phenomenal, it makes a 7 month old cut look as though you got it cut the day before. It creates an almost matte look, which as you all know is very in at the moment and not just for your nails ;)

If you like your hair to look super shiny and clean this most likely is not for you. I personally like it when my hair looks a bit gritty and like it's been slept in and tousled about. It kind of makes your hair appear dirty, in the best way possible of course. This gel-slush formula doesn't give your hair that horrible crunchy, stuck together vibe (unless you really go for it...don't do that), it just makes for a perfectly tousled do. If you scrunch some of this magic through your hair, you're sure to have your barnet looking like you spent ages perfecting it, and as a bonus you'll be the receiver of unlimited compliments!

With all this exeptionality going on, you would think that the wonderful artists at Redken would be tired and call it a day, right? Wrong! They added yet another delicious component! The smell! Soo good! (Yes, it deserves exclamations! I'll give you another for good measure!) Its fragrance isn't too strong, but at the same time if you forgot to put on perfume, you'd still be covered. Its scent is quite hard to determine, but I would say that it has quite a floral scent. It is incredibly fresh and invigorating - perfect for those beautiful spring mornings.
It also doesn't hurt that it's pink. Obviously.

This is such a gorgeous product with too many amazing qualities to name. So basically you have to ask yourself a few questions. Do you want your hair to look perfectly undone every day? Do you want to be the envy of every dame out there? Do you want to smell scrumptious at any given point of the day? If you said yes to the above, then Redken Wool Shake 08 is definitely for you.

                                                         Thank you so much for getting this far!
                                    Please share some of your favorite products in the comments!


  1. Redken Woolshake has now been discontinued. :( :( Any recommendations for an alternative?

    1. I can't find anything even remotely similar. =(



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