Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Review | Maybelline Color Show

I have been wanting to do a OOTD for a superbly long time now, but as it turns out, I'm not looking too hot today. So, I settled for a little nail performance. And let me tell you, this Color Show formula is phenomenal! It goes on smooth, dries by the time you've done your other hand, and the colors are knock out. It's thick without being unspreadable and pigmented as h-e-double l hockey sticks! For someone who was born without the one thing every girl is supposed to have, the ability to paint nails, it's an easy and virtually mess free nail varnish. It also doesn't hurt that she only cost me $3.00 at Walmart. Maybelline offer a really stellar variety of colors - definitely the hardest decision you'll make throughout your shopping trip. I for one decided that I wanted to adopt, and welcome into my home the lovely, generous Sweet Clementine 210. Oh how I love Clem. What a polish! I have never had a favorite nail polish, partly because im a firm believer in not choosing favorites, but mainly because I just didn't have that bone in my body. The one where your heart starts racing when you see a brand new color that nobody has, or when you've been searching far and wide for that long lost glitter coat. It just never came natural to me. Until now! Sweet Sweet Clementine, what would I do without your summery goodness now permanently attached to my fingertips? The good news is that now I will never have to know the answer, and that's a good feeling!

Have you tried the Color Show range yet? I'd love to know what colors you chose!


  1. That colour is gorgeous! Loves it!


  2. Just come across your blog and I love it! This nail varnish is gorgeous.

    Amelia x




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